Ready for Transfer

We are happy to announce we have completed the mediation process and now have a transfer date! 

Clayton and I spent the summer working on matching and mediation process. During this time we worked with a mediator to negotiate the terms of our open adoption. It was our choice to do an open adoption as we felt this will be best in the long run.  While we have not spoken directly to our donors (only via our mediator), we already feel a sense of connection to them. We plan to have limited contact at first, but we are open to more if the relationship progresses naturally. 

We are very excited and hopeful, but also nervous and cautious at the same time. It’s all about to get very real. Now that the paperwork/legal side of our process is complete, the physical side of things will begin for me. Soon I will start a variety of hormone treatments to prepare my body for the transfer process (this includes shots, which I’m pretty nervous about). I’m confident we will figure it all out, but it will be brand new to us, a learning curve for sure. 

Due to the how personal this process will get and how sensitive the details may be, we’ve chosen not to share our transfer date publicly. I will say that our scheduled date is before the end of the year. 

We would greatly appreciate your prayers as there are a lot of unknowns still ahead for us. While we are hopeful, there are still risks ahead. Ultimately we trust that God is in control and has a plan for our family. We know He called us to embryo adoption and that He will see us through this journey. 

Specific ways you can pray:

-peace over our family

-that the medical preparations would go well

-that our embryos survive the thawing process

-that our transfer is successful and results in a healthy pregnancy 

2 thoughts on “Ready for Transfer

  1. Praying! Praying! Praying! God is so good and sovereign. This whole process has just amazed me. Looking forward to the day you send out the “WE’RE EXPECTING!” announcement! Live and miss you!


  2. Praying all the above and more. Heavenly Father, we come before you ask your blessing on this family, the procedure, the doctors, everyone one and everything involved. We ask you to bless the child that will come from this. May your will be done and may this child grow to be your disciple and return blessings to you.


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